Vote No On Measure A

More debt and a waste of taxpayer money

This will cost taxpayers $2 billion over 40 years!



Stop San Diego's Newest $2 Billion Tax Increase!



Reform California seeks to address the housing crisis with proven, accountable solutions - not the blank check tax hike proposed by City politicians! 

Reform California


Our campaign is entirely funded by the grassroots. 

The special interests that are bankrolling this tax hike are shamelessly using the housing crisis to sell their tax plan. They are misleading voters into approving a tax hike that costs too much, and provides too little.


It's a massive property tax increase

Costs homeowners more than $550 in the first five years!

Say No to San Diego's 40 Year Tax Hike!

It lines the pockets of special interests

‚ÄčIt refuses to ban PLAs, union only sweetheart deals at taxpayer expense.