Reform San Diego

The special interests are bankrolling this tax hike and shamelessly using the homeless crisis as window dressing.  They are misleading voters into approving a tax hike that will make the homeless crisis WORSE. Learn more.


Our campaign is entirely funded by the grassroots. Contribute here. 

Don't be fooled by the politicians.

Say NO to their blank check tax hike.




Reasons to Vote NO

No Enforcement on Homeless

Don't throw good money after bad.

Special Interests Win

Big business and labor groups get sweetheart deals


Reform San Diego seeks to address the homeless crisis with proven, accountable solutions - not the blank check tax hike proposed by City politicians!  Learn more


A Massive Tax Hike ... That Will Make the Homeless Crisis Worse!

A Massive Tax Hike

It raises taxes by $6.5 billion - and there is no guarantee where it will all be spent