Reform San Diego

Fighting Against Tax Hikes - Promoting Cost Effective Alternatives

Reform San Diego was founded in 2003 to fight unnecessary tax hikes in San Diego County while offering cost-effective reforms to improve government performance.

As an initiative of Reform California, a 527 political action committee, Reform San Diego is entirely funded by individual taxpayers and grassroots supporters.  

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio serves as Chairman. 

Our Record of Success in Past Elections

2004 - No on Measure J - TOT Tax Hike
2006 - Yes on Measure B - Pension Reform
2006 - Yes on Measure C - Competitive Bidding
2008 - Yes on Measure D - Strong Mayor
2010 - No on Measure D - Sales Tax Hike
2012 - Yes on Measure B - Pension Reform
2016 - No on Measure A - Sales Tax Hike