Reform San Diego

Don't be fooled by the politicians.

Say NO to their blank check tax hike.

"This measure will impose a massive tax that politicians can spend without accountability. Without accountable enforcement, it throws good money after bad - and the homeless crisis will actually get WORSE."

- Former City Councilman Carl DeMaio

Why Vote No

1. Politicians' Negligence Created the Homeless Crisis: While homelessness is on the decline across the nation, in San Diego homelessness is skyrocketing. San Diego politicians helped create this crisis by curtailing the ability of our local police to enforce our laws on vagrancy, loitering, pan-handling, and encampment in public right-of-way spaces.  Politicians are throwing money (and wasting precious resources) on band-aids on the symptoms of the problem without getting to the root of the problem.   

2. Tax Hike Measure Continues Bad Policies: The tax hike measure contains zero language to mandate the enforcement of our laws on vagrancy, loitering, pan-handling, and encampment in public right-of-way spaces.  without enforcement, the problem will get worse and we will waste millions of taxpayer dollars.  

3. Massive Tax Hike Hurts San Diego: The measure imposes a massive $6.4 billion tax hike on San Diego's economy putting us at a disadvantage versus other destination cities.  

4. Convention Center Can Be Funded from the Hotel Tax Surplus: Since the hotel tax was first enacted in the 1960s, city politicians have stolen and diverted the funds to cover their General Fund budget deficits.  City politicians are increasing the hotel tax to continue that diversion of funds so they can support bigger city bureaucracies, higher salaries, and bloated pensions.  The fact remains that the Convention Center expansion can be easily funded if we forced city politicians to end their raids on the hotel tax funds.