Say No to San Diego's 40 Year Tax Hike!

Reform California

No on Measure A: It’s a Massive Property Tax Increase

In just the first five years the average homeowner will see their property tax increased by $500 or more! Taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for this property tax increase for more than 40 years!

San Diego already has the highest property tax rate in the county and too many working families are struggling with the high cost-of-living already. In the midst of a pandemic, San Diegans can’t afford a massive property tax increase.

No on Measure A: It Hurts Our Neighborhoods

Measure A will fund controversial government-subsidized housing projects. Many of these projects have been forced into areas that have not wanted them or who have had problems with the size, density, and management of the projects. Measure A provides the funding for a larger plan to ban single-family zoning and strip neighborhoods of a say in the kinds of projects placed in their community.

No on Measure A: It Wastes Taxpayer Money

Under Measure A, taxpayers will authorize city politicians to take on $900 million in additional debt at a cost of $2 billion to city taxpayers! Recent studies have shown the kinds of projects that would be funded by Measure A have been riddled with wasteful spending and financial mismanagement.

Vote No on Measure A

"San Diego's cost of living is already too high and Measure A makes it worse by imposing a 48-year costly and unfair property tax hike. Join me in voting NO on Measure A!"

- Carl DeMaio, Reform California